Golden Ben (GBEN)

Farming & Governance
Golden Ben (GBEN) is the utility and governance token of BenSwap. Users need GBEN to use some of the features on BenSwap. Holders can share the appreciation and be able to vote and make decisions for the project. We hope that with a reduced emission rate and deflationary mechanics, there would be positive impact on the token price.
Golden Ben Logo
The initial supply is 51,000 and all added to the Pancake v2 liquidity at the initial price of $1 per token.
Farming starts at block height 7870480.
The initial emission rate is 5 GBEN per block and it is reduced by 10% every week until it reaches 1 GBEN per block.
Current emission rate: 1 GBEN per block.
For every 10 GBEN tokens emitted, an additional GBEN token is sent to the developer address for development, marketing, partnership, and other necessary engagements.

Deflationary mechanics

  • 100% deposit fee is used to buy back GBEN and burn.
  • 3% of the total price pot in each round of the Lottery is burned.
  • 100% of the donation to the Temple is burned.